About Me

0_0_0_0_91_122_csupload_29083609_largeJohn T. Rossi – Nationally Certified & State Licensed

  • Myofascial Release Therapist – Expert Level 
  • Energy Medicine Practitioner 
  • Certified Supreme Science Level 1 Qigong teacher
  • Life in Recovery Coach
  • Consulting Hypnotist
  • Energy Medicine Teacher

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I became a therapist as the result of my own healing journey. Which centered mainly around two major car accidients. The first of which, I was in my early teens when I was hit by a car while walking . The second came years later when I was hit from behind by a tractor trailer (Thankfully, I was in a car that time!). These accidents left me with constant pain and physical difficulties. Traditional medicine offered me only limited relief. I found myself facing a diagnosis of limited activity and prescription pain medications. I could have just accepted this and done the best I could with it as so many people do with their own health struggles. But I had a strong belief that full recovery was possible . . . even in the face of what seemed like the logical and learned opinions of my Doctors.  (one of whom told me bluntly that recovery was “just not gonna happen”) I just thought that I could be better. That I should be able to get better! And I wasn’t going to quit before I even tried! Just because the Doctor told me so. 

So I began to search for alternatives. I saw many practitioners over the years. When I found something that worked, I learned more about it! After years of self study (and probably wearing out the Patience of those same practitioners with my questions!) I eventually decided to go to school and become a therapist myself.

I earned my diploma from the four-year Energy Medicine Practitioner program (E.M.P.) at the Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences in Bloomfield, CT. This program included two years of internship in medical facilities where I treated clients with a wide range of conditions. I worked extensively with hospice patients and with those entering the early stages of addictions recovery. As a graduate of the Institutes’ four year E.M.P. program I am trained in the “W.I.S.E” method of energy medicine which stands for Wholistic, Integrated, Spiritual, Energies and incorporates elements of Acupressure, Reiki, Reflexology, & Hypnotherapy. Also part of my training were elements of “The Pathwork”, the teachings of Louise Hay and “Core Energetics” body / mind psychology, fully rounding out the Mind, Body, Spirit connectedness.After graduation I began teaching at I.H.A.S. on staff as freshman and junior class teacher.

I became interested in the John F. Barnes method of Myofascial Release after the great relief I received by seeing an MFR therapist on a regular basis myself. I found that MFR got to the cause of my painful joint and muscle issues in a way that no other modality did. And it was much less traumatic. So I added John Barnes MFR to the list of modalities I practice. It quickly became the primary modality that I practiced!  It was only natural then, that I become a certified massage therapist to allow me to more fully understand and more effectively do the hands on body work and treat the whole of a person.

To round out my holistic approach, I am a certified NLP master practitioner and consulting Hypnotherapist. As Dr. Andrew Weil has said, “All illness and disease is Psychosomatic.” (Psychosomatic simply means Mind/Body. The body and the mind are connected. So, all health is psycosomatic!) Understanding hypnisiss & NLP allows me to assist my clients in stress reduction, relaxation and in making changes they want to make. Or positively and proactively navigating changes that seemed to be thrust upon them. This is sometimes essential and always central to their being able to return to a pain free and comfortable life. This is the perfect complement to the body work and is aligned with all that I have learned in my healing journey.

In addition to the one on one work, I teach classes and workshops in the healing arts to both therapists and clients alike. My goal and desire is to empower as many people as I can, to the ways of healing and well being. I presently teach classes at massage schools and wellness centers on Stress reduction, Energy Medicine and how to manage one’s own energy system.