​​0_0_0_0_132_176_csupload_6659891_largeWhat some of our clients have said about their experience with Touch of Light

I first met John when I brought my father and son to have ear candling.  I immediately planned to come back for myself!  Well life happened and soon enough needed to.  I ride bike and in July 2014 I had a really bad crash. I’m talking emergency room – concussion – fractured tailbone and morphine – it was bad.  I had my first appointment with John within the first week after the accident.  We talked -he assessed me and then went to work.  I went twice a week and because of John’s knowledge of Myofacial Release and his amazing hands, I was riding my bike again within three weeks! Words can’t express my joy and gratitude for what John did for me!  I’ve continued seeing John every other week since he got me up and riding and I feel so much better physically and emotionally. John is a kind – caring – giving man with an amazing wealth of knowledge.  I can’t forget to mention his sense of humor and the way he has of making me feel comfortable and confident in him and what he does. I’ve had a lot of bodywork through my years and I have to say that John is the best body worker I’ve ever had! 
– Karen G. Avid Cyclist

“I felt like he put all of my pieces back together again and I didn’t even know they were apart”
– Toni D. – College student dealing with stress


“Sure I felt relaxed. That I get, but I don’t understand how he helped with my hormonal imbalances. After one session I found that I was no longer having to deal with the mood swings and the crying for no reason every day.” 
– Jen G. – Hair Stylist, Parent Dealing with pre-menopausal symptoms

“How’d you do that? How’d you make me feel better?”
– Bobby M. – Man in first weeks of addictions recovery

“An intuitive healer with a great touch, John Rossi is talented on both the physical and energetic planes, as well as in hypnotherapy and NLP.”
– Debora M. CNLP

“I see John for treatments regularly to help me deal with the stress of all I’ve been going through. It helps me feel like me again”
– Janice D. – Single mother of two toddlers going through a challenging divorce.

“John has taught me how to take my spirituality to a much higher level which in turn has allowed me more serenity and more reasonable happiness than I have ever been able to achieve with my program of recovery, even after 19 years of sobriety.”
– Victor M. – Entrepreneur, member of a twelve-step program.

“The healing energy work that John did with me was both a new and defining experience. Not only was there a sense of physical and spiritual healing going on but the energy that seemed to permeate me during and after the session was both relaxing and cleansing in a unique and impactful way. Although unfamiliar and somewhat apprehensive about the value of energy healing, it did not take me more than one session with John to realize the profound value of his work. The session left me uniquely relaxed and at peace. I would highly recommend him to those in search of spiritual and physical comfort and serenity.” 
– Marty K. Entrepreneur , CEO of a multinational corporation

“As the founder and president of a state-approved school of healing, I have, for the past 15 years, seen many students pass through my doors. John’s natural gift of healership, his extensive training, his gentleness, his insight, his depth and his joy all make him a package that is a rarity and a blessing for those who chose to visit with him. He is a gift to this field in his ability to be with his clients, to understand their process and to lovingly remind them of who they are. John can make you laugh and feel good inside at the same time. Give yourself a treat and a feeling of being seen by walking with John on your journey, someone I am proud to say has graduated from our institution” 
– Dr. Dorothy A. Martin-Neville Ph.D., LMFT, LPC, EMP.

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